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Professional Cleaning & Organizing for your Home, Office or Industrial location!

With a genuine passion for service, ClutterBug was established to provide cleaning and organizing services that far exceeded regular cleaning services.

Here at ClutterBug, our goal is not just to provide thorough cleaning services for home owners and business owners - but also to improve your property's aesthetic appeal and resale value, as well as improve functionality in your home, office, or place of business.
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Our Mission
To help restore order and function to spaces overwhelmed with clutter!
Our Staff is Experienced
Backed by over four decades of experience in the commercial and residential construction supplies business, we are also able to perform quality home repair and improvement services such as shelving installation, flooring installation, drywall installation, and other related services.
Our Service Area
Located at 16641 Towar Ave. in East Lansing, MI, ClutterBug  offers exceptional cleaning services for property owners in all areas throughout Michigan. The services we offer, include, but are not limited to: hoarder cleanup, home makeover, interior clean up, exterior clean up, interior demolition, water damage clean up, construction clean up, and many others.

So if you're in Michigan or anywhere in the Midwest, and are looking for top quality cleaning, organizing, and other home improvement services you can count on, there's no need to look anywhere else because we've got all your needs perfectly covered - here at ClutterBug!
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